Hello Woundade,

I just want to thank you for this awesome product. It works like nothing I have ever seen. My husband and I have pet goats. On Dec. 23 2006 our neighbor’s dog got into them. Unfortunately, one of the kids was killed. Her mother survived, but had a good size chuck of flesh taken from under her left leg up close to her body. Looked like approximately 8-10″ across and 2-3″ deep. Randy figured she would have to be put to sleep because the injury was so deep and large. Her ears were slightly shredded too. Our vet came by, sewed up what he could, bandaged it and gave us some type of salve to use on the area. After a few days, the wound was icky and smelly. We didn’t see much healing at all. The vet then gave us some powder to use on but it didn’t do much better. We were beginning to lose hope. Then he came by with Woundade.

He said he wasn,t that familiar with it himself, but had been told this was “the bomb” for injuries such as this. He told us to give it a try. Within 2 days we could tell a great difference. It was cleaner, looked so much better and as of this weekend the wound has shrunk to approximately an inch wide. She is using the leg more and we think she’ll come out just fine. As a matter of fact, she just kidded again last weekend and is doing well.

This product is the best. Our vet has now seen firsthand what it does and we recommended it to out friends and fellow farmers, many of whom raise and board horses. I forgot to note it was her front left leg. A gaping wound from the top rear of her leg down to the first joint. We could see bones and tendons from every angle. Incidentally, when Randy came in from the barn last night he said her injured area was less than 1″ across now and went on singing the praises of Woundade. We look for it to be totally healed by this weekend.
Thank you again for creating such a wondrous product.

Tammy and Randy R.
Paris, KY