Thought I would send you a picture of the colt that got cut badly in her chest. She is completely healed.

She is obviously in her winter clothes but when I part the hair where the cut was there is no gap. It has completely haired over. I just wish we would have known about your product sooner before we had her stitched. There is a hard ridge along the cut where the stitches were. I hope that won’t hinder her later. She seems to move freely now but I have no way of knowing if her gait is natural or if she is compensating for the tightness in that area.

Anyway, just wanted you to see the end result and to let you know if you need a testimonial from me about your product I will be more than happy to give one. I only wish I would have had it on hand for previous wounds over the years that my animals have received. It truly is wonderful stuff.

Connie B.
Ainsworth, NE